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Dr. Pou In The Media

An Open Letter to Readers of the New York Times Magazine
Dear Friends:

Four years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the government’s failure to protect the lives of the ill, aged and infirm at New Orleans’ Memorial Hospital it is almost inconceivable that renewed efforts to cast blame on Dr. Anna Pou and her nurse colleagues have been perpetrated by New York Times magazine. 

The New York Times magazine has sought to reopen old wounds using largely old news and commentary that has never been tested in a court of law to draw conclusions and make unproven allegations against a handful of medical specialists who stayed to serve people in need while bumbling bureaucrats watched events unfold from the air conditioned comfort of their homes hundreds of miles away. 

In an effort to boost flagging sales and profitability, the New York Times has sunken to a new low in the long-standing discussion of why people suffered and died at Memorial Hospital.  In what we contend are efforts to promote personal and collective agendas, Sheri Fink and her employer / sponsor, the notoriously self-promoting “independent” media organization, ProPublica, have sought out the most controversial, unseemly and untested statements to advance their own public policy goals.  Just as Sheri Fink, ProPublica and the Times have drawn there own conclusions, we, like the public at-large, have drawn ours. 

Nearly two years after being vindicated by a thoughtful and intensive grand jury investigation, Dr. Pou and her colleagues and their families, must once again endure the intense light of public scrutiny and media intrusion.  Families of those who died while government quibbled over political power, must once again relive the horrors their loved ones endured. 
Still, Dr. Pou and the truth of what happened at Memorial Hospital are equal to the task of once again defending her integrity and reputation.  For a detailed response to the New York Times magazine, we encourage you to read on.

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